Cat Cafe In US Can Be Heaven For Cat-loving Expat Wives

Hello Joint Ventures!

Just watching pictures or movies of cats might bring you a smile.

Animals do have a magical power to heal our mind.

Unfortunately, not all the cat lovers including me can play with them on a daily basis if you have no pet.

Having a pet can be very difficult or sometimes impossible if you are living abroad as an expat or expat wife.

Cat cafe is a lifesaver for all the expat wives and others missing cats!

I was assuming a cat cafe is a very Japanese thing and cannot find it abroad before, but there are not a few of them in many different countries including the US!

Why not play with cats and recharge your energy in a peaceful environment away from busy everyday life?


What is Cat Cafe?

Cat cafe is literally a cafe with cats.

Yes it is a cafe, but not really a place for you to just enjoy coffee but rather playing with cats.

This can be the best place on the earth for cat lovers who don’t or can’t have a pet for some reason(s).


History of Cat Cafe

Cat cafe was originally born in Taiwan while it really got popular later in Japan.


  • ‘1998 World’s first cat cafe was born in Taiwan
  • ‘2004 Japan’s first cat cafe was born in Osaka

Cat Cafe in Chicago

While there are as many as 200+ cat cafes in Japan, it’s getting more and more popular internationally including the US.

The Number of Cat Cafes Is Rising Dramatically in the U.S.

There are currently 72 cat cafes in the United States, 44 of which have opened in the past year.


As one of the cat-lovers myself, I searched for a cat cafe in my current neighborhood Chicago and found the very Chicagoan named “The Windy Kitty” (Chicago is known as “windy city”)

We quickly made a reservation, paid online and went to the cat cafe!


Plans and prices

You can find the detail here.

We chose “Windy Kitty Cat Lounge Visit” ($14/hour)…actually this plan at 5 pm was the only available slot on that day!

You better make a reservation earlier!


What Cat Cafe is like

The Windy Kitty on that day has around 10 cats including kittens.

They were all enjoying their cats’ life in their own ways.

One cat kept looking outside beside the window, others kept sleeping.

This cat loved playing, that cate seemed to hate to be touched.

I wanted to hug cats, but the cats didn’t really like it….

Still I enjoyed a lot and got truly refreshed!


Last but not least, The Windy Kitty is not just a place for us to enjoy but the cats here are looking for a foster parent.



I encourage all the cat-loving expat wives to look for a cat cafe in your neighborhood.

I’d appreciate it if you could share any stories or pictures of your cats too.

If you have a cat or any other animals as a pet, they are definitely your family and a part of “joint venture“!

Can we call Expat Cat “Excat”, and Expat Pet “Expet”?!

Go JVs!

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