Why “Remote Work” Is Good For Career-Oriented Expat Wives

As shared in the post Why Do Expat Wives Need To Give Up Their Own Career?, there are not a few expat wives or trailing wives who needed to give up their own careers to follow their partners’ international job assignment.

While not all the women are career oriented for sure, it’s a big problem is there are women who cannot fully enjoy their lives abroad because they want to work but can’t for some unavoidable reason.

Some of them even get mental diseases or need to go back home country leaving their partners or families behind.

If you are one of them who can’t just be an expat wife or stay-at-home mom, doing remote work as a freelancer can be one of the best options abroad.


What is Freelance?

Freelancer in general means a people who don’t necessarily belong to a company or organization but rather work individually or on a project basis.

Upwork estimates the total U.S. freelance population at over 50 million individuals.  McKinsey sized the freelance population at over 150 million individuals world-wide.  Deloitte and PwC both predict that organizations in the future will have large contingents of freelancers supporting them and Accenture asserts that future organizations may have only a small minority of full-time employees.

(HR, Time To Embrace The Freelance Revolution: Your Career Depends On It)


I currently live in the US where around 40% of the working population is regarded as “freelancer” while it consists of less than 20% in my home country Japan.


What is Cloud Sourcing?

Cloud Sourcing means a process of matching an unspecified number of freelancers with companies or organizations looking for a workforce.

It is a relatively new way of hiring (different from old “outsourcing”) enabled by the Internet.

There are too many cloud sourcing service/platform in the US only and you can also find specialized services aimed for specific segment such as “women” or “programmer”.


What is Remote Work?

Freelance work can mean totally different work styles from “100% work from home” to “stay and work at client company” or even “traveling across the glove”.

In the context of “Expat wives abroad who want to work”, “Remote Work” is one of the best options because it enables you to work without going to the office but work through email or communication tools like Slack or Skype.

There also is a variety of remote jobs available such as data entry, writing articles, website or development.

Thanks to the technological advancement or change in people’s mindset, remote work has been more and more common and accepted while empowering many more women who at some point of their life needed to give up their career.

I myself want to practice and pursue a remote/freelance/nomad work style and be a part of the driving force expanding “new way of work”.

Go JVs!

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